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Our people

Our people are the most important element of our success. We need a motivated, engaged and diverse workforce to deliver our purpose and put it into action through our sustainability frame
bp employee working in shared office space

Reinventing bp

For more than a century, bp employees have come to work to help solve some of the world’s greatest ‎energy challenges. People want to work for an organization that makes a difference and has a clear ‎purpose; an organization that supports, encourages and empowers them.

We have thousands of engineers, scientists, and other highly skilled people, all with deep technical ‎expertise. We also have increasingly diverse teams enabling us to draw on a range of talents that better ‎reflect the societies we serve.‎

We can take skills from our existing businesses and use them in a reinvented bp or reapply skills gained ‎in one field to another. We realise we do not currently have all the skills we need to fully deliver our ‎strategy. Consequently, we are reskilling our people so they can pursue new career paths and we are ‎hiring individuals from outside our industry with skills and experiences we do not currently possess.‎

Reinventing our leadership team


As part of our reinvent process, we have removed an entire layer of ‎management at the top of bp – halving the number of senior leaders from 240 to under 120 and connecting them more ‎closely to their teams. We have also appointed 740 new leaders below senior level.‎

Focusing on our people

We want to offer training and development and clearly defined career pathways to help our employees ‎become more integrated, agile and future-focused.


Performance management 


We are changing how we enable individuals to deliver high performance, ‎evolving a model of continuous planning and open, transparent, real-time feedback. So, everyone will ‎know what is expected of them and how they are performing. We also intend to better align ‎remuneration with performance and aim to incentivize our global workforce to deliver our aims and ‎mobilize our people to become advocates for net zero.‎


Flexible working

Changes to the way we work at bp because of COVID-19, have demonstrated that ‎working flexibly can be effective across many parts of our business and we are introducing some new ‎approaches as a result, including our new bp work/life initiative – a hybrid approach that will see ‎employees combining time spent in and out of the office with a 60/40% split between office and non-‎office working.


Agile working


A more agile bp will balance stability and speed, making it easier to adapt to change and ‎move resources at speed to where they are needed most. Looking ahead we expect large parts of the ‎business will be organised in an agile way and to help build an agile mindset and new ways of working ‎we have created an agility portal full of resources, information and training materials.‎




We make a substantial investment in finding, deploying and developing the most talented and diverse ‎workforce. We need passionate, creative and capable people to help us implement our strategy.‎

We work hard to match individuals to the right training opportunities at the right times. And we provide them with a range of development opportunities, combining on-the job-learning, coaching, relationships with mentors, and learning and talent programmes. Our approach focuses on skill clusters that help our people to build deep capability in a range of technical, functional and leadership areas. In 2020 our people collectively completed more than 745,000 training courses with an emphasis on priority areas such as digital, agile and low carbon.


Developing bp leaders


We provide a range of leadership development activities, focused on ‎accelerating our critical talent pools and developing diverse leaders with the emotional intelligence, ‎agility, inclusiveness and future focus that we need to achieve our net zero ambitions.‎