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Our people and ethics

Our business is built on the passion and talent of our people, which is why we look to attract, motivate and retain the very best that the world has to offer

Creating an inclusive and engaging workplace

We believe that to succeed, we must create an environment in which everyone is included and treated with respect and dignity. To promote an inclusive culture, we provide leadership training and support employee-run advocacy groups in areas such as gender, sexual orientation, parenting, disability and ethnicity. As well as bringing employees together, these groups support BP’s recruitment programmes and provide feedback on the potential impact of policy changes. Each group is sponsored by a senior executive.


Human Rights Campaign, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer rights organization, named BP among its top scoring companies in its Corporate Equality Index in 2018.


Diversity of people brings diversity of thought, while an inclusive culture allows your best talent to flourish. Together, diversity and inclusion are essential for sustainable, profitable growth.
Suki Sandhu,CEO, EMpower and OUTstanding


Suki Sandhu, CEO, EMpower and OUTstanding

Attract and retain

Attract and retain – graphic

We were pleased to be named the UK’s leading recruiter in the oil and gas sector in The Times newspaper’s Graduate Employer rankings in 2017.

A total of 314 graduates joined the company in 2017, up from 231 graduates in 2016.

We invest in our employees’ development – with an average spend of around $3,300 per person. This includes online and classroom-based courses and resources, supported by a wide range of on-the-job learning and mentoring programmes.


Engage – graphic

We survey our employees to gauge how they feel about BP. The overall employee engagement score in 2017 was 73% – up from two years ago, where we saw a decline that coincided with the uncertainties of a low oil price environment.

Pride in working for BP increased to 75% in 2017, compared with 73% in 2016 and 68% in 2015. We are considering how to address employee dissatisfaction with opportunities to develop their skills – which had lower scores in 2017.


Reward – graphic

We reward our employees based on what they deliver and how they demonstrate behaviour that reflects our values. All employees must set priorities on their contribution to safety and creating value.