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Engaging our employees

BP is committed to creating a positive and empowering work environment in which all employees feel valued for the work they do and the impact they make


To better understand how employees feel about BP, we conduct an annual survey. The overall employee engagement score in 2018 was 66%. Pride in working for BP was at the highest level in a decade at 76% in 2018.


The area where our employees scored us as needing attention was in the efficiency of our processes and ways of working. We know we still have work to do to streamline our processes and drive the benefits of digitization throughout BP.


We launched a new initiative called Energize! in 2018 to encourage employees to recognize their colleagues’ work and how they demonstrate our values. The online platform and social newsfeed allows individuals to publicly thank and recognize a peer. So far the uptake has been positive with 77% of employees receiving recognition.


We invest in our employees’ development – with an average spend of around $3,200 per person. This includes online and classroom-based courses and resources, supported by a wide range of on-the-job learning and mentoring programmes.


We reward our employees based on what they deliver and the way in which they demonstrate behaviour that reflects our values. All employees must set priorities on their contribution to safety and creating value.

Our spotlight on respect and inclusion

The actions we take as individuals often affect those around us. To help employees think about their own impact we ran a month-long respect and inclusion campaign in 2018. This included our #itstartswithme initiative to encourage employees to share a commitment to be more respectful and inclusive.

Respect and inclusion doesn’t start or end with the campaign, it is something that we need to think about every day. Research shows that people perform better when working in a more respectful and inclusive environment, which is good for business.Rahul Saxena,group ethics and compliance officer, BP
Spotlight on respect and inclusion: BP staff at work