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Our stakeholders and issues

We engage with many people around the world – as an energy provider to millions, as an employer of many thousands and as a company that helps boost local economies through jobs and revenue


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We engage with local communities through public consultations, as well as more ad hoc meetings. These relationships are important for all our activities, but particularly for major new projects, where our presence may bring about changes, such as job opportunities but also impacts on local resources and infrastructure.

Industry associations

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We work with our peers to address complex energy challenges and to share best practices. For example, we are a member of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative, the American Petroleum Institute and IPIECA, the global oil and gas association for environmental and social issues.


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Through websites, townhalls and other communications channels, we keep our employees informed about BP’s strategy, performance and external context. And employees at many BP sites around the world make their views known through union involvement.

Non-governmental organizations

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We interact with local and international NGOs to discuss issues as diverse as climate change and energy policy, human rights, revenue transparency and operating in sensitive areas.


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We work with governments on a range of issues from carbon pricing to environmental permitting to community investment.

Shareholders and analysts

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We have an ongoing dialogue with shareholders and analysts through our programme of roadshows, one-to-one meetings, webcasts and our annual general meeting. We keep them informed of our strategy and plans – from both financial and non-financial perspectives.

In preparing this report, we met with around 100 different organizations, from investors to NGOs to business partners, to hear what issues matter most to our stakeholders. We also held sessions with employees to find out how they use our report and what they would like us to cover.

Issue prioritization

We include issues in our Sustainability Report if we assess them as being of high importance in terms of business impact and stakeholder concern.


Subject matter experts from across BP complete the initial prioritization of issues. Then, our assurance provider Ernst & Young and our board committee responsible for sustainability-related issues validate these findings.

Supporting information


We also have additional content at bp.com/sustainability


  • PDFs for each of the material issues, including additional information on subjects such as the Arctic
  • Data tool for our health, safety and environmental performance