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Engaging with our stakeholders

Our stakeholders are the many individuals and organizations who are affected in some way by BP’s activities – whether it is in our role as an energy provider, an employer or as a business that helps boost local economies through jobs and revenue


We engage with our stakeholders and listen to their differing needs and priorities in our daily work. The input and feedback we receive helps inform the decisions we make.


Employees icon

We work to attract, develop and retain the best talent the world offers. We make time to listen to our people and create a variety of opportunities for open and honest conversations with them. These include regular one-to-one meetings with line managers, our annual employee engagement survey, our intranet and local employee forums and works councils. Senior leaders regularly engage with employees through briefings.


Shareholders and analysts icon

We rely on the support of our investors and aim to balance shareholder returns with investment in longer-term growth projects. We have ongoing conversations with shareholders and analysts through our programme of roadshows, one-to-one meetings, webcasts and our annual general meeting. We keep them informed of our strategy and plans from both financial and non-financial perspectives.


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Talking with local people helps us better understand the potential impacts of our activities and look for ways to work that align with their needs. The engagement process typically begins long before any physical work has started and continues throughout the lifespan of a project. We engage with local communities through public consultations, as well as regular and ad hoc meetings with community representatives.

Non-governmental organizations

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We often consult with local and international NGOs who bring valuable perspectives on the ways in which our activities could affect the local community or environment. NGOs are active members of several initiatives that we take part in, including the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, the Methane Guiding Principles and the UN Global Compact. We met with NGOs in 2018 to discuss a range of sustainability issues, including our low carbon ambitions, modern slavery risk, contract transparency and operating in sensitive areas.


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We engage with governments on many fronts and aim to maintain dialogue at every stage of our presence in a country. In many countries where we operate, lobbying activity is strictly regulated. We engage in policy debates that are of concern to us and the communities in which we operate, such as financial transparency, security and human rights, and safety.

In some countries, we work in partnership with governments through production-sharing contracts.

Contractors and suppliers

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As more than half the hours worked for BP are carried out by contractors, their skills and performance are essential in helping us carry out our work safely and responsibly. Our standard model contracts include health, safety, human rights and security requirements.

We held sessions with our contractors on topics including safety, our code of conduct and modern slavery risk in 2018.