Security and crisis management

The scale and spread of our operations means that we must be prepared to respond to a range of possible disruptions

Potential threats to our business are not always predictable and come in many forms, such as major accidents, political instability, health alerts or extreme weather. We have measures in place to try to anticipate them and be ready if an incident or crisis occurs.

We work with government and other response agencies in crisis and continuity management planning as part of our work to keep our people and the public safe and to mitigate impacts to the environment. Our businesses carry out crisis response exercises at both a local and regional level to test their readiness.

Cyber threats

Cybersecurity is one of BP’s highest priority risks, with breaches presenting a risk to the security of our information, IT systems and operations. We work closely with governments, law enforcement agencies and industry peers to understand and respond to new and emerging cyber threats. We also monitor our IT systems for suspicious activity and work with our employees to promote responsible online behaviours.


BP monitors for hostile actions that could cause harm to our people or disrupt our operations. We assess risk on an ongoing basis in those operating areas that are affected by political and social unrest, terrorism, armed conflict or criminal activity. Our central security team provides guidance and support to our businesses through a network of regional security advisers.

We help our people to stay safe when they are travelling on business. We have a 24-hour response information centre that keeps watch over global events and related developments. In March 2016, for example, we quickly identified, alerted and safely accounted for every member of the workforce who was travelling through Brussels during the tragic terrorist attacks.

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