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Driving change in Brazil

The World Health Organization estimates that fatalities from road traffic accidents in Brazil are double the rate experienced in the US
Bus driver, biofuels business, BP Brazil

In 2011 BP began its Brazil biofuels operations, producing ethanol and sugar from locally grown sugar cane. Heavy vehicles transport the cane from the farms to the mills and deliver the products to markets across Brazil. In addition, we contract buses to bring the majority of our 6,000-strong workforce to and from work from neighbouring cities. 


Sadly, there have been several vehicle-related fatalities among our Brazilian workforce and third parties over the years. Off-road driving, unpaved roads, dust in dry conditions, stopping distances in wet conditions and local driving behaviours were some of the contributing issues.


To improve safety we have replaced the fleet with new buses, enhanced driver training and provided seat belts. Through in-vehicle cameras, we can also record driving behaviour and use this as a coaching aid to improve driving skills.


We experienced no fatalities in our transport activities in 2016 and have seen improvements in driving safety – but we continue to be vigilant in what remains a challenging operating environment.