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Keeping our people safe during Hurricane Harvey

Houston, Texas, is home to BP’s US headquarters. With around 4,300 people, it is also our largest employee base in the world
Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey around the Westlake Campus, Houston
Employees affected by storm

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey dumped historic levels of rainfall on the city with flooding damaging hundreds of our employees’ homes and several of our office buildings.

Our immediate priority was the safety of our employees and their families. BP’s storm response teams, comprising hundreds of company volunteers, supported rescue and recovery efforts in the area. BP also helped employees clean up and dry out their homes.

Our headquarters were severely flooded, but our contingency plans for natural disasters meant that we were able to keep our businesses running. For example, before the hurricane hit, we moved around 200 of our traders and their families to our back-up trading site in Dallas.

During this difficult time, employees rallied together to support each other and the company.


When Harvey struck land, none of us could have predicted the road ahead. In the face of extraordinary conditions, the BP family has been – quite simply – extraordinary. I couldn’t be prouder to work with this team. As we’re witnessing, natural disasters can bring tremendous physical destruction, but they also can bring out the best in people.
John Mingé,chairman and president, BP America