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Safety and performance

We track our safety performance using industry metrics and work to continuously improve personal and process safety across BP


Our safety performance

In 2017 we continued to see a reduction in the overall number of process safety events, despite a slight increase in tier 1, the more serious events. We also saw a small increase in our recordable injury frequency and day away from work case frequency.


Improving safety in our operations is a high priority and we are working on it right across the business.


We investigate safety incidents and near misses to identify any potential underlying themes and we use leading indicators, like inspections and equipment tests, to monitor the strength of controls to prevent incidents.


What we learn from performance insights helps us focus our safety efforts. For example, we are implementing actions to support the performance and reliability of our people, with the express aim of reducing the chances of mistakes occurring.


Proactively managing equipment corrosion is also a focus for us – and we believe this is helping to deliver improvements in process safety in our upstream and downstream businesses.


Our safety data

Process safety eventsᵃ (number of incidents)
Process safety events (number of incidents)
Recordable injury frequencyᵇᶜ – workforce (per 200,000 hours worked)
Recordable injury frequency – workforce (per 200,000 hours worked)
Day away from work case frequencybd – workforce (per 200,000 hours worked)
Day away from work case frequency – workforce (per 200,000 hours worked)
a  Tier 1 process safety events are losses of primary containment of greater consequence, such as causing harm to a member of the workforce, costly damage to equipment, or exceeding defined quantities. Tier 2 events are those of lesser consequence.
b  API and IOGP 2017 data reports are not available until May 2018.
c  The number of reported work-related incidents that result in a fatality or injury.
d  The number of incidents that resulted in an injury where a person is unable to work for a day (or shift) or more.