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A decade-long commitment to Tangguh

Located in the remote Papua Barat province, Tangguh is Indonesia’s second-largest liquefied natural gas supply facility
Operators at the BP Tangguh LNG facility

Until 2014 the people of Papua Barat relied on diesel-fuelled generators for electricity. Health clinics and other public services had to allocate much of their annual budgets to the purchase of diesel. We have reduced the community’s reliance on diesel by using gas at the plant to generate and supply electricity to local communities.


More than half of our workforce in Tangguh is Papuan. This is a direct result of internship and apprentice programmes that focus on training graduates from Papua and Papua Barat. We are committed to reaching an 85% Papuan workforce by 2029.


In 2016 BP and partners entered a final investment decision to expand our Tangguh facility following approval from the Indonesian government in 2014. As part of the development, we have set a target of sourcing 38% of our services and project materials from local suppliers.


Additionally, our day-to-day operations provide opportunities for sustainable local economic development. Tangguh’s need for workplace clothing and uniforms, along with the growing availability of electricity supplies, led us to support the foundation of two sustainable local businesses, one in clothing manufacture and another in air conditioning maintenance.


Meanwhile, the introduction of an early diagnosis and treatment programme for malaria has virtually eliminated the disease in surrounding villages. Support for the provision of teachers, school facilities and infrastructure has improved local literacy rates.


Our progress on human rights, security, governance and other social issues is monitored by the Tangguh Independent Advisory Panel, which we established in 2002.