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Building capacity, reducing crime in Trinidad & Tobago

The energy industry plays an important role in Trinidad & Tobago, representing more than one third of the country’s entire economy. BP has worked in Trinidad & Tobago for more than 50 years and today is the country’s largest producer of oil and gas
Local people, Trinidad & Tobago

Our activities make an important economic contribution by helping to meet the country’s energy needs, generating tax revenues, providing employment and encouraging the growth of local suppliers.


We continue to invest substantially in Trinidad & Tobago’s future as a major energy producer. In 2017, we began production from two new facilities – the Juniper gas field and the Trinidad onshore compression project and we made two important gas discoveries.


In addition to the energy that we produce, we are committed to creating value for the country through social investment. We look for ways to help build capacity among members of the community, so that they have a foundation from which to pursue their own development. To achieve this, we work with community-based organizations and government agencies to gain a better understanding of the needs of the community.


Beyond Borders

We partnered with The Rose Foundation, a non-profit human development organization and the Ministry of National Security to launch the Beyond Borders programme in 2010. Beyond Borders provides training to help people living in disadvantaged neighbourhoods establish viable community groups, projects and start-up businesses. The programme has led to the formation of more than 100 new business initiatives in areas such as construction, food and drink, marketing, graphics and transportation. These enterprises have generated more than $2 million in revenue to date.


Amethyst Water

Amethyst Water is a small, start-up business established with the help of the Beyond Borders initiative. It produces and markets 150 cases per week of chemical-free, bottled water using an ozone water processing unit. The business employs five people and is located in the village of Saint Madeleine.


The Beyond Borders training helped us to develop critical technical skills. We were empowered with the knowledge, skills and confidence to forge a better future for our communities and the nation as well.
Kessel Byer,Amethyst Family Foundation


Beetham Gardens

Beyond Borders supported the residents of Beetham Gardens – a disadvantaged community near to the capital, Port of Spain – in their efforts to improve the appearance and reputation of their neighbourhood. The community project removed 40 tonnes of garbage from the local area and distributed 22,000 seedlings (flowers and food crops), tools and soil to households and community organizations formed through the Beyond Borders programme. More than 300 residents participated in a communal competition to grow food and flowers. Some residents even started businesses selling the vegetables they had grown.


Sogren Trace Art

Port of Spain painting

The Sogren Trace Art project involved two communities in the wider Port of Spain region – St Barb’s Trace and Mon Repos. A total of 25 artists graduated from an intensive 15-month training programme and exhibited their paintings which depict the cityscapes of the capital.

Beyond Borders has contributed to more than just the development of new employment opportunities, new sources of revenue generation and improvements to local neighbourhoods. By working with the Ministry of Security’s Inter-Agency Task Force ‘Hearts and Minds’ campaign, the introduction of Beyond Borders has been accompanied by a noticeable decline in serious crimes recorded in these marginalized communities.


The interventions have resulted in significant reductions of violent crimes in these communities. Young men who used to carry out violent crimes are now part of a classroom where they are learning and improving themselves.
Inter-Agency Task Force,Trinidad & Tobago Police Service