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Investing in education and skills in India

BP has had a presence in India for more than a century, with our Castrol lubricants business. Today, we work in oil and gas oil and gas, lubricants, petrochemicals, IT, financial and marine services
Crew, located in India

We are helping India to meet its aspiration to double natural gas consumption over the next five years as the economy grows. In 2017, we announced plans – with our Indian partner Reliance Industries Ltd – to develop three offshore projects that are expected to meet more than 10% of India’s demand in 2022 and reduce its import dependence. The projects will also generate a large number of jobs during the construction phase.


More than 300 million young people are expected to enter the country’s workforce over the next two decades and as we grow our business, we plan to support India’s development agenda in areas such as education and skills. This investment – both direct and through partners – focuses on science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) education and safety at work and has helped to improve the livelihoods of more than 250,000 people.


Door Step School and Masoom

In Mumbai, we work with Door Step School to create maths and science learning centres that bring children from low income families into education for the first time and also improve the attendance and commitment of those students already enrolled.


We support Masoom’s work to enhance the provision of education in night schools that serve students who need to work during the day. Many of these students are first-time learners who dropped out of the school system. The ‘Tech On Wheels’ project provides access to technology and digital education for students attending night schools across Mumbai. Specially adapted buses form mobile classrooms with access to computers, online resources, and educational programmes that promote digital skills.


British Council, Pravah and Vidya Bhawan Society

In New Delhi, we worked with the British Council to help improve middle school teaching, critical thinking and problem solving in science subjects. We also partnered with Pravah – a youth development organization – on the ‘Curious Me’ project to develop critical thinking, analytical and decision-making skills in schools.


In Andhra Pradesh, we have supported the work of the Vidya Bhawan Society, which oversees a group of educational institutions that include schools, polytechnics and teacher training colleges. For example, the re-writing of course textbooks has helped STEM learning become more accessible and fun. A project involving science and maths teachers from 25 schools in Hyderabad has also strengthened STEM teaching capabilities.


Livelihoods and safety skills

As India’s economy grows rapidly, safe working skills and practices play an important role in the training of India’s industrial workforce.


We partnered with the International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development and the Government of Gujarat to develop a revised and industry-relevant safety module for integration into the curriculum of the state’s industrial training institutes. More than 1,000 instructors were provided with training in areas such as personal protective equipment, machine safety, fire hazards and emergency preparedness. We expect around 25,000 students to receive specialized occupational safety training each year.


We also partnered with local skills training organizations to incorporate this module into the approved vocational training programs of India’s National Skill Development Corporation. These aim to help meet the skilled workforce requirements of India’s manufacturing, engineering and construction sectors. A total of 13,000 students are expected to receive this training in 2017 and 2018.


India’s fast-growing automotive sector is bringing new challenges in technology and transport safety. Since 2009, the Castrol Eklavya programme has helped almost 200,000 independent, two-wheeler mechanics to access technical education, enhance their skills, and acquire business and financial knowledge to improve their livelihoods. In 2016, we launched the Castrol Sarathi Mitra programme for India’s truck drivers. During the year 2017, more than 25,000 drivers have received training in defensive driving, completed vision checks and improved their financial skills.


Working with local communities

We invest in education and skills development among the communities where we operate such as those located close to our major lubricants manufacturing facilities. We support career counselling for underprivileged students, and skills training in electrical, mechanical and digital disciplines for young people. We also contribute to education and skills development activities implemented by Reliance Industries Ltd in and around our project area on the east coast of India.