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Supporting economic development in Oman

We began producing gas in Oman in 2017 and our field is expected to eventually supply 40% of the country’s daily gas needs
Value to society – Oman

As well as providing energy security, we are helping to develop local skills and contributing to the country’s economic and social development.


For example, 70 Omanis have already completed our multi-year training programme, learning skills in mechanical and electrical engineering. Trainees also complete overseas assignments in our oil and gas fields around the world to gain practical hands-on experience before returning to Oman to work at our Khazzan field.


I was the first of two Omanis to join the operations team when our Khazzan plant was sanctioned. I got the chance to work with BP teams in the UK and the United Arab Emirates, where I learned new technical and leadership skills. I went on to help design our Khazzan facilities and now lead a team of 29 people.
Salim Al Kalbani,operations team leader, BP Oman


Salim Al Kalbani

We also focus our efforts on enterprise development and education, and partner with local non-governmental organizations to design and deliver their initiatives. For example, our enterprise programme supports Oman’s goals for greater diversification and long-term growth in its domestic economy. Our financial training has helped more than 900 Omani entrepreneurs develop business skills, such as planning and cash flow management. We have also provided grants to 80 small and medium-sized enterprises.


One recipient of both training and a grant saw the revenue of his renewable energy company rise by 56% as a result. He is now helping us deliver a new education programme that he devised to teach other young Omanis how to manage and install renewable energy systems.


My background is in electrical engineering, so I had no financial training. I found out about BP’s financial skills course for entrepreneurs via social media and it has transformed my business.
Abdullah Al Saidi,director, Nafath Renewable Energy


In education, we have helped design workshops for school children on subjects ranging from digital media to finance and problem solving. And we support a number of leadership programmes for young Omanis. For example, more than 2,000 students have taken part in an initiative that enables them to develop leadership, teamwork and communications skills.

Since our programme launched we have reached more than 33,000 people and we continue to adapt and develop our approach according to local needs.