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Engaging with communities

We work with local communities in an open and constructive way to help avoid and minimize any adverse impact that our work might have


We consult with communities so that we can understand their expectations and address any concerns. For example, our offshore exploration drilling programme in Nova Scotia, Canada, had the potential to affect local fishing activities. So, we worked with fisheries associations and indigenous communities to develop plans that outlined the way in which we would communicate with them during drilling operations. We also shared bi-weekly updates throughout the drilling programme.


In Mauritania and Senegal, where we are developing a cross-border floating liquefied natural gas project, we met with community members to discuss areas of interest. One of the areas discussed was how we can support fishing activities. As a result, we are providing access to funding for small-scale fishermen and training on fish processing techniques for women’s co-operatives.


Community complaints

We require each of our operating sites to have a robust process to receive, document and respond to complaints.


As an example, at our South Caucasus Pipeline Expansion project in Georgia and Azerbaijan, all complaints are logged within a seven-day period of receipt and we aim to investigate and provide a formal response within 30 days. An internal panel reviews the investigation outcomes and agrees resolution of the grievance and any corrective measures, where necessary.

Community complaints
Community complaints – graphic

Most of the concerns raised by communities living near our operations in 2018 related to job opportunities and nuisance. We saw an increase in the number of complaints we received in 2018, largely due to improvements in the systems we have put in place to capture community complaints. Some of the increase is also due to the types of activities undertaken by BP in 2018. For example, there was a rise in the number of concerns from local community members at our Tangguh liquefied natural gas plant in Indonesia, where we are expanding the facility. The majority of these related to concerns about employment and recruitment procedures.