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Supporting local workers and suppliers

We are committed to creating jobs and growing local businesses in the communities in which we operate


We try to recruit our workforce from the community or country in which we are based. While some governments require us to do so, we try to do this everywhere we operate because we believe it’s not just good for the local community, it’s good for BP.


And when certain skills are in short supply, such as engineering or technical abilities, we offer training programmes and on-the-job development.

Nationals employed
World map showing employment of nationals

Addressing the skills shortage

Skills shortage – graphic

In Georgia, BP has been running technical development programmes for local workers for many years, supporting a government priority to address skill shortages. 

In 2017, we partnered with the Georgian Technical University to establish a training centre for high-voltage electrical engineering, industrial automation, mechanical engineering and other technical areas. The first group of more than 70 students started in November 2017.

Promoting supplier diversity

Supplier diversity – graphic

BP operates in a wide variety of communities, and we look for opportunities to source goods and services from diverse suppliers.

In the US, we partner with organizations, like the National Minority Supplier Development Council, to provide mentoring and training programmes to businesses so that they can develop their skills and become more competitive when bidding for our contracts. We spent $478 million with more than 200 minority and women’s business enterprises in 2017.

BP’s supplier diversity team has been stewarding our company through the years. From 75 people when we started working with BP in 2003, we now have around 200 employees – with about a quarter of them working on BP projects.
Robert Valdes,president, Valdes Engineering

Advancing the local economy

The local economy – graphic

Our enterprise development programme in Azerbaijan helps local companies build their skills so that they meet international standards and improve their competitiveness in the market.

Since its inception more than a decade ago, the programme has led to local businesses securing contracts with BP worth more than $530 million.