Supporting local development

We contribute to societies through our core business activities as well as through our community investments

Local workforce development

We aim to recruit our workforce from the community or country in which we operate. We believe this benefits the local community and BP - and is often part of our agreement with government partners.

In Angola, 86% of our workforce is Angolan nationals, with plans to achieve 90% by 2020. One way we are working towards meeting this goal is by helping to develop skills in the country. Our offshore technicians programme, for example, helps nationals looking to develop a career in the oil and gas industry. Trainees learn technical skills in engineering disciplines such as production, electrical, instruments and controls. The majority of technicians working on our Greater Plutonio development graduated from this programme.

Local suppliers

We contribute to the growth of local businesses in the regions where we operate.

In Azerbaijan, for example, we are helping to build the skills of local companies so that they can improve their competitiveness when bidding for work with international firms, which supports the local economy. Our enterprise and development programme has helped local companies secure international contracts with BP in Azerbaijan in excess of $61.5 million in 2016.

And in South Africa we support small businesses, with around a third of our spend on suppliers going to enterprises with an annual turnover of less than $4 million.

The value we deliver to society

The value we deliver to society - graphic

In addition, around 2% of our profit after tax in South Africa is spent with small companies with a majority black or black women ownership. Through our supplier development programme we have provided business training and mentorship to 14 local suppliers.

In Australia, we have a targeted procurement strategy to support indigenous businesses. In 2016 we spent more than $400,000 on indigenous suppliers and aim to increase this to around $800,000 in 2017.

When I joined BP’s offshore technicians programme as an apprentice in 2003, I didn’t think that one day I would become the company’s first Angolan area operations manager for Block 18. But the apprenticeship equipped me with the knowledge and skills I need to do the job and I’m excited to be part of this ground-breaking project.
Danny Waya, area operations manager, Greater Plutonio, BP Angola

Community investment

We seek to make meaningful community investments that meet local needs and align with our business activities.

As an example, our Khazzan project will provide a major new source of gas for Oman, with production expected to represent around 40% of its total domestic gas supply. We aim to deliver sustainable socio-economic development in the country, including in the areas near to BP’s projects and operations. The focus of our social investment programme includes building local capability in education, enterprise development and energy sustainability. Since we launched the programme three years ago, we have worked with community partners to reach more than 30,000 people.

In the UK, our five-year Enterprising Science programme focuses on addressing the shortfall of graduates in science, technology, engineering and maths, collectively referred to as STEM. We partner with King’s College London and the Science Museum to provide teachers with tools and techniques aimed at getting more young people interested in careers as scientists and engineers. The aim is to reach more than 400,000 students across the UK by the end of 2017.

Direct spending on community programmes

Our direct spending on community programmes in 2016, including disaster relief, was $61.1 million (2015 $67.2 million, 2014 $85.0 million).

The BP Foundation

The BP Foundation is a charitable organization that works to benefit communities around the world, prioritizing donation to charities that support STEM education and humanitarian relief. The foundation also matches personal contributions from BP employees that are made to eligible charities of their choice. In 2016 employees gave around $6.5 million, which was matched with grants of approximately $6.9 million. It also contributed $260,000 to local relief organizations in areas affected by natural disasters.

Contribution to communities by region ($ million)

Contribution to communities by region ($ million) - chart

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