Safety through technology

BP develops and deploys advanced technology to underpin the judgement of our operators to deliver safe, reliable and compliant operations

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Find out how we apply advanced technology to help deliver safe, reliable and compliant operations

Predict, identify, prevent

Working with hydrocarbons that are under high pressure and at high temperatures involves inherent risks, so it is important to properly understand and manage the risks we face. Technologies that reduce risk have an important part to play across all of our operations, from subsea installations and wells to platforms and refineries - helping teams predict and identify where safety challenges might arise so that we can intervene and prevent incidents from occurring. 

These technologies are already improving the reliability of our assets and the decisions we make across all of our operations.

Hi-tech lookout

The need to safeguard offshore installations against risk from marine traffic is an ongoing challenge for the oil and gas industry.
A new hi-tech monitoring system is keeping a sharp lookout for errant vessels getting too close to oil and gas infrastructure in the world’s largest inland body of water, the Caspian Sea.

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