Technology programmes

We focus on technologies that enhance safety, improve exploration and production and boost conversion processes

Upstream technology programmes

In the Upstream, our strengths in exploration, deepwater, giant fields and gas value chains are underpinned by BP’s technology leadership positions in seismic imaging, enhanced oil recovery and increasingly in unconventionals.

In other technology areas we seek to be competitive with the industry, by partnering with an industry expert, or following a first-mover with early implementation, or by deploying a technology rapidly at scale across our portfolio. These areas include digital, wells and facilities technologies.
Technologies like these help BP to deliver improved levels of safety, reliability and efficiency across our operations, as well as to find and recover more hydrocarbons to meet the world’s energy needs.

Downstream technology programmes

Technology underpins all that we do across the Downstream businesses: enhancing safety, optimising production, increasing operational efficiency and creating innovative solutions for our customers. Our technology programmes are focused on the refining and conversion of oil and gas into energy efficient products for businesses and consumers. We are also developing and applying technology to monitor operational integrity across our refineries and petrochemical plants. In addition, through advances in technology, we are creating high performance, energy efficient, cleaner fuels and lubricants for our customers.

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