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BP helps to satisfy the energy needs of the world’s third largest economy
Local websites (Sites are in Japanese / ウェブサイトは日本語です)

What we do

BP first opened its Japan office in 1960 to supply marine fuels and lubricants. Since then, it has expanded its operations across the energy mix.



While BP has no exploration activities in Japan, we work together with Japanese energy companies and trading houses in oil and gas projects in all the major hydrocarbon basins worldwide. In particular, we participate in six liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects in South East Asia, Australasia, the Middle East and the Americas, helping to supply the world’s largest LNG market.


Oil and gas supply and trading

BP is one of the largest foreign trading players in Japan, supplying crude, oil products and LNG to Japanese and North Asian customers. The oil trading team also works with Japanese oil companies across Asia-Pacific, as well as with the utilities to help meet Japan’s primary energy demand.



BP markets its automotive and industrial lubricants under the Castrol and BP brands through retail stores, car workshops and machinery manufacturers. BP also supplies Japanese shipping companies with their fuel and lubricants both in Japan and overseas, as well as petrochemicals to Japanese manufacturers across the region.


Our people and partners

BP has around 250 employees in seven offices across Japan (as of 2015).

We value the long-term relationships that we have built over the past 50 years with the Japanese government and with our partners, suppliers and customers in the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors. By engaging with these key stakeholders, we understand the importance of security of supply to Japan’s economic prosperity and work actively with our partners to offer them continued access to diverse and secure resources.


Community investment

We continue to invest in community programmes that are relevant to local needs. Our focus has been on programmes related to the environment and English in education. Over the years, we have supported internship programmes for university students and educational support programmes for high school students.


We are regularly invited to speak at events hosted by the government, research institutions, industrial bodies and non-governmental organizations - on subjects as diverse as technology, risk management and climate change - and we host an annual conference on the global energy supply-demand balance.

Following the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011, we donated funds to the Japan Red Cross for the East Japan disaster relief and our staff have been working as volunteers to support local relief and reconstruction efforts in the affected areas.

Please use the contact details below to email, call or write to us at BP Japan. We aim to deal with your enquiries as quickly as possible.

BP offices in Japan

PO Box 71, Mori Tower,

Roppongi Hills 6-10-1,
Minato-ku Tokyo,


Phone: 03-3796-6400

Email: info.japan@bp.com
Web: BP Japan KK

BP Castrol KK

East Tower 20F,

Gate City Ohsaki 1-11-2,
Ohsaki, Shinagawa-ku,
Tokyo 141-0032,


Phone: 03-5719-7777
Email: bpc_corporate@se1.bp.com
Web: BP Castrol KK

Employment enquiries

East Tower 20F,

Gate City Ohsaki, 1-11-2,
Ohsaki, Shinagawa-ku
Tokyo 141-0032


Phone: 03-3796-6400
Web: bp.com/careers