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BP has been in the Emerald Isle for more than a century
12 Aug 2013, Cork, Ireland --- Ireland, Cork, Beara Peninsula, Sheep grazing, Lacharoo --- Image by © SOPA RF/SOPA/Corbis

What we do

For the past 110 years, Castrol Ireland has been helping Irish vehicles and businesses to run more smoothly.

Our people sell and market these brands all over the country. Most of our sales involve the specialist retail, workshop, heavy duty and marine and industrial lubricants.

As well as oiling the wheels of the nation, we offer aviation supplies.


Our people and partners

Through Air BP, we work with Fingal Aviation to supply our products to aircraft at Dublin Airport.

We supply Castrol lubricants directly to our customers and also indirectly through an extensive network of distributors who specialize in various sectors.

We have dedicated regional sales and technical teams who support these businesses.


Community investment

Although our team here is relatively small, we believe that we make a positive contribution to the environment. Our lubricants ensure that machinery all over Ireland works more efficiently and productively, improving fuel economy and extending the life of each machine.

That means less pollution and less waste.

Fingal Aviation Services

Dublin Airport 

Co Dublin


Phone: +353 1 450 151
Fax: +353 1 450 544

Employment enquiries

Elisabeth Lee

HR adviser - Ireland
Wakefield House, Swindon, Wiltshire


Phone: +44 2034 017653
Email: elisabeth.lee@uk.bp.com