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Focus on batteries

In these Technology Outlook podcasts, technology and science journalist, Angela Lamont, talks to a range of leading experts about the potential for batteries to help enable vehicle electrification and integrate renewable energy
Focus on batteries
Focus on batteries +
Focus on batteries - Kurt Kelty

Thank you to the following for sharing their
fascinating insights and perspectives in our ‘Focus on batteries’ podcasts:

  • Logan Goldie-Scot: Head of Energy Storage, Bloomberg NEF
  • Kurt Kelty: Former Senior Director, Battery Technology, Tesla
  • Dr Doron Myersdorf: CEO and Co-founder, StoreDot
  • Mel Loveridge: Associate Professor, University of Warwick
  • David Eyton, Head of Technology, BP
  • Dan Walker, Head of Technology Futures, BP
  • Bogdan Gagea: Technology Futures Researcher, BP

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