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David Gilmour, vice president, business development, BP group technology

London, UK

David has a doctorate in inorganic chemistry from Oxford University and has responsibility for technology commercialization and venturing activities at BP, as well as strategy and planning activities for group technology.

Prior to joining group technology in October 2016, David held roles as CEO and COO of Air BP, BP’s aviation fuel supply business. He has also held a number of different roles as marketing and technology director, strategy director, performance unit leader and global sales director for Castrol Marine.

Meghan Sharp, managing director BP ventures – Americas

San Francisco, US

Meghan leads the Americas team for BP Ventures. Core areas of focus for the team include Upstream, Digital, Bio, and Mobility.

Meghan sits on the boards of Beyond Limits, Biosynthetic Technologies, and Advanced Biocatalytics Corporation. Previous board seats include Chromatin Inc., Taxon, Verdezyne, Xpansiv and Xact. Meghan has a PhD in bacterial genetics, post-doctoral work in plant genetics and an MBA focused on venture.

Akira Kirton, managing director BP ventures – EMEA

London, UK

Akira leads the Europe and Asia team for BP Ventures. Core areas of focus for the team include Downstream (Aviation, Lubes, Petrochemicals), Alternative Energy & Low-Carbon Power. Akira sits on the boards of Alyssum Ltd (lead group brand, private jet charter marketplace Victor), Tricoya Technologies, Fulcrum Bioenergy, Solidia Technologies, and the OGCI Climate Investments.

Previous board seats include CarbonFree Chemicals, Liquid Light, Rocket Route and Silicon Microgravity. Akira has a Masters in chemical engineering and Bachelors in law & management.

Graham Howes, BP ventures principal

London, UK

Graham held a number of technology roles before joining BP in 2000. He focuses on advanced materials plus sensors for BP ventures and has a masters in energy engineering.

Graham sits on the boards of Heliex Power and Fotech, and on the advisory board of INFUSE.

Sandra Eager, BP ventures principal

London, UK

Sandra is from a technology background with more than 17 years working in solar, wind and water and covers the Alternative Energy and Emerging and Disruptive Technologies sectors for the ventures team. She has a PhD in chemical engineering.

Sandra sits on the boards of Saltworks Technologies and Drover, and on the advisory boards to Alterra, FCPF and PCF.

Martin Sellers, BP ventures associate

London, UK

Martin leads engagement with BP’s Downstream business (Petchems, Lubricants, AirBP and Advanced Mobility) and technology teams to analyze promising areas, drive value from portfolio investments and support deployment of these technologies into BP assets. Martin has more than 16 years’ experience in various technology and technology commercialization roles across BP, including Downstream and biofuels businesses.

Martin is a chartered chemical engineer and has a PhD in pharmaceutical production. Martin sits on the board of Tricoya Technologies.

Luis Alcoser, BP ventures principal

Houston, US

Luis is the lead for Upstream venturing activities and has 20 years’ of E&P experience leading unconventional, conventional and deep water project developments around the world. Luis has a BS degree in natural gas engineering, an ME degree in petroleum engineering, an MBA, a master of finance degree and a law/JD degree.

Luis sits on the boards of BiSN Holdings and Xact. He also holds an observer position on the board of Silicon Microgravity.

David Hayes, BP ventures principal

San Francisco, US

David brings 16 years’ experience in finance, including seven years in venture capital investing, specialising in transaction structuring. He is a Fellow of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (FCCA).

David sits on the boards of Chromatin, Lightning Systems, Xpansiv Data Systems, and Mendel Biotechnology.

Chad Bown, BP ventures investment manager

Houston, US

Chad brings financial leadership and commercial management expertise alongside oil and gas operations and business development roles with a specific focus on Upstream. He holds a degree in business as well as an MBA with a finance focus.

Chad sits on the boards of FreeWire Technologies, CarbonFree Chemicals, Verdezyne, and Zubie. He also holds an Observer position on the boards of Advanced BioCatalytics and Modumetal.

David Clouse, BP ventures investment manager

Houston, US

David brings 16 years’ financial and commercial experience to the team, with a focus on alternative energy. He holds a BA in economics and a masters of entrepreneurship and economic development.

Shaun Healey, BP ventures associate

Houston, US

Shaun brings more than 17 years’ experience in technology development, management and commercialization. He holds a BS in biochemistry-molecular biology and an MBA focused on venture management.

Shaun holds an observer position on the boards of Synthetic Genomics, Peloton Technologies, and Cool Planet Energy Systems.

Phoebe Wang, Ventures Principal

San Francisco, US

Phoebe brings 10 years’ experience in structuring deals, primary and secondary market investment and advisory. She also spent 2 years in building a start-up in technology commercialization. Phoebe is a Charterholder of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), with an MBA concentrated in Energy and Finance, and a BSc in Engineering.

Heath Morrison, Ventures Principal

San Francisco, US

Heath held a number of roles in the venture lending industry focusing on alternative energy and renewables, the consulting industry working on sales and business strategy, and as an entrepreneur in the Healthcare IT sector prior to joining BP in 2017. He holds a BS in Industrial Technology and a MBA with a focus on International Business.

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