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One Young World delegates

This year’s summit is taking place in Munich, Germany and will be streamed virtually to participants around the world. Over four days, young leaders will explore the summit themes of climate crisis, rights and freedoms, education, conflict resolution, future economies, and lessons from the pandemic.

Our delegates and scholars will participate in workshops, join panel discussions, and hear from world leaders as they explore these topics. They wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Maureen Amir


"I'm hoping to find ways to
fight back against gender inequality while contributing positively to climate

Kathlynn Lee


 “I’m keen to learn about how the next generation of convenience and mobility can bring diverse, equitable and inclusive customer experiences to life.”

Hisham Hamid

Engineer, north sea wells

 “I’m passionate about social mobility, so I’m hoping to discover new ways I can give back to my local and wider community.”

Elizabeth Martin

Platform engineer

 “I’m interested in discovering new ways of working and technology implementations that can make our work safer and our world greener.”

Jiayi He

Global operations specialist

 “I’m excited to understand more about what we can do to deliver net zero, particularly around sustainable supply chain management and urban energy/mobility solutions.”

Charlie Wheeler

Social media manager

“My passions and interests are in diversity and equality. I’m looking forward to discussing these topics with fellow delegates and bringing any learnings and inspiration back to bp.”

Jack Murphy Cruise

Chemical engineer

 “I’m looking forward to sharing my view on how engineers can play a key role in steering the world towards a more sustainable future.”  

Jin Zhang

Brand analyst

“As a founder of a non-profit, I want to make a difference for young talent in my community and globally.”

Divya Kameshwar

Electrical engineer

"I’m motivated to think globally while acting locally when advocating for inclusive access to STEM education and building my capability to help reimagine energy."

Safira Vijaya


 “I am passionate about enabling more women in my community to get into STEM and accelerate the energy transition.”

David Hoerner

Chemical engineer

“Today’s children are our future. I'm keen to hear how we can provide greater opportunities
for them around the world.”

Cemre Demirkaya

Legal counsel

“I’m interested in finding ways to help people speak freely to reveal their true potential and inspire others, so they can make a positive difference in the world.” 

Theron Brereton

HSE&C advisor - wells, projects & subsurface 

 “I want to find out how renewable energy resources and green technology can advance my country’s energy needs in a sustainable way.”  

Miranda Bissessur

Future mobility solutions analyst

“Reducing human impact on the environment in a holistic manner is something I feel passionately about, and I hope this summit will be a step in the right direction.” 

Dan Cooney

Subsea systems engineer

"I care about intercultural empathy, mental health, and media/press objectivity. I can’t wait to discuss these and the energy transition at OYW." 

Kelly O’Neill

Marketing, mobility and convenience 

“I’m excited to become a leader in an industry that’s ripe for disruption. I’m hoping to come away feeling empowered and ready to help shape the future of bp.” 

Jenna Mueller

Product manager

“The health of our planet is a topic we should all be aligned on, which is why I’m looking forward to meeting other leaders in climate change.”  

Alyssia Reddy  

Business analyst  

“Learning how to innovatively create more sustainable, stable societies by overcoming the impacts of climate change, unemployment, poverty, and gender inequality.” 

Yulie Qiao

Pricing analyst

 “I believe this process of deliberate and considered dialogue can unearth opportunities to make our cities, communities and people more sustainable.”

Joshua Ellison  

Advanced analytics specialist

“I am interested in discussing the energy transition and mental health issues at OYW. ”