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Red Bull Air Race

February 2017 saw Air BP announce its official sponsorship of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, serving as the official fuel and carbon reduction partner

The Red Bull Air Race is a competition that combines speed, precision and skill. It’s a visual spectacle unlike any other, the world’s best pilots flying the fastest, most agile raceplanes through a low level slalom track at speeds up to 370kph. Constructed to be as light as possible to ensure maximum speed, the race planes also have to be extremely robust and tolerate stresses of up to 12 times the force of gravity (12Gs).


The association of our brand with the Red Bull Air Race World Championship shows our passion for aviation, beyond the traditional fuelling scenarios. Getting involved with the sport while still in its infancy, relative to other motorsports, is a great opportunity for us to help shape the safety and technical aspects of race-time fuelling.


As part of the sponsorship deal, Red Bull Air Race and Air BP will be working to offset the carbon emissions associated with the aviation fuel used during a race weekend via BP Target Neutral (an initiative that supports targeted environmental projects around the world with carbon offsetting). In the 2017 race season, Air BP and Red Bull Air Race ensured that the competition’s carbon footprint was neutral.

The Red Bull Air Race World Championship is proud to work with an industry leader like Air BP. At every stop of the World Championship, our pilots push themselves and their aircraft to the limit, so it’s imperative we use the highest quality fuel products and services available. With Air BP, we can do this while knowing we’re working to protect the environment.Erich Wolf,general manager, Red Bull Air Race

Competitors in the Red Bull Air Race are divided into two competition categories: Master Class and Challenger Class. Pilots in the Master Class compete for World Championship points at each race. The pilot with the most points after the last race of the season becomes the Red Bull Air Race World Champion.


In 2014, the Challenger Cup was conceived to help the next generation of pilots develop the skills needed for potential advancement to the Master Class. The Challenger Class pilots fly at the same locations as the Master Class pilots, but sometimes in a simpler track configuration. Each pilot flies a minimum of four races throughout the right-race season.


Pilot safety is the primary concern for Red Bull and all sponsors of the competition. The Red Bull Air Race World Championship is recognized by Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), The World Sports Air Federation. The FAI provides support for safety supervision at all races and has approved the Red Bull rules and standards.

Air BP is proud to be involved with one of most exciting sports in existence, one that is in perfect alignment with our core values of safety, excellence and teamwork.
Jon PlattChief executive officer, Air BP