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Ryder Cup

bp is a Worldwide Partner of the Ryder Cup and our new EV charging brand bp pulse is the official EV charging partner of the Ryder Cup
Image of Ryder Cup trophy

Get electrified with our new EV charging brand bp pulse. Our vision is to help our customers to go electric by making charging easy and speedy.
bp pulse is our commitment to an entirely new way of EV charging, anywhere you need – at home, at work and on the go. We know charging is different from refuelling, and we believe it should be fast, convenient and reliable, without you having to worry about how, where and when to charge.
That’s why, with bp pulse, we are investing heavily to build the largest ultra-fast and rapid electric vehicle charging networks in the UK, Germany and beyond. In the USA, our intention is to launch bp pulse by 2023, but in the meantime we’re partnering with Uber to deploy rapid charging hubs in Houston and we’ve starting installing ultra-fast chargers on our forecourts.*
Our aim is to help all EV drivers spend less time worrying about charging and more time thinking about their journey.

 Get on the charge with bp pulse.


*Currently only in selected sites in California & New York
Watch the video to find out more about bp pulse

How we’re making progress in electrification

Uber excitement in Houston

bp is working with Uber in the US by exploring the development of rapid EV charging hubs together in Houston. The goal is to help drivers on Uber’s platform to make the transition to electric vehicles – as well as to create a convenient and equitable network of charging available to the public.

Houston is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Texas, fourth most populous city in the United States

Houston is the most populous city in the US state of Texas

FreeWire Charge Booster

Going off grid

Following last year’s installation of the US’s first ultra-fast battery-powered EV charger at an ampm retail station in California, the company behind the technology has signed a memorandum of understanding with bp pulse in the UK. The agreement lays the groundwork for bp pulse to be the exclusive UK provider and operator of FreeWire Technologies’ Boost ChargerTM.

Fleet spot

Uber partner-drivers like Charlie can now access dedicated fast chargers in the heart of Central London, as bp pulse launches the first rapid charging hub for fleet vehicles

For EVs only – introducing charging hubs

bp pulse is to expand its ultra-fast charging (UFC) infrastructure across the UK, with a series of new EV-only hubs.

A 3D visualization of what one of the hubs will look like

Joining forces with VW

bp and Volkswagen Group have agreed to a strategic collaboration, with plans to develop ultra-fast charging (UFC) at bp retail sites in the UK, Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

bp pulse points

It’s official. bp pulse, the UK’s largest EV public charging network, was the country’s fastest-growing rapid and ultra-fast charging network in 2020, according to data from EV mapping service Zap-Map. It shows that bp pulse added 167 public rapid charging locations across the nation – 65% more than any other UK provider.

A bp pulse customer charges her car in London