Simplified Contract

In order to streamline the process of contracting with FPS, we have developed a simplified method of contracting. Each contract has two parts, a 'Form of Agreement' and a 'Conditions of Contract' - our general terms and conditions.
Based on 35 years of experience with FPS and over 70 field contracts, we have developed our 'Conditions of Contract' that will apply to all customers. 

The Form of Agreement will typically deal with the following issues:
  • Link up to FPS
  • Capacity Booking Process and Firm Maximum Quantity profile
  • Quality and entry specification
  • Tariff and Charges
  • Provision of secondary allocation services
It is intended that the Form of Agreement will be a slim document and we anticipate that this will enable swift completion of contractual arrangements with FPS. FPS redelivers Forties Blend and Raw Gas to each customer. Each individual field owner will therefore also be required to enter into a 'Raw Gas Sale and Purchase Agreement' (RGSPA) with BP.

Confidentiality Agreement

The documents can be downloaded by clicking the appropriate links: