The Future

FPS intends to be around for the lifetime of the North Sea basin and for this reason we continue to invest for the long term in the inspection, maintenance and improvement of our facilities. We recognize the importance of longevity of export routes to our existing customers and prospective customers who are contemplating selecting FPS for their transportation and processing needs. We aim to continue to offer a high availability service year on year. 

Getting Maintenance Right

We undertake maintenance on FPS to match system availability, reliability and efficiency with our customers' needs. 
Our business needs are clear:
  • To meet the expectations set out in BP's 'Getting HSE Right' management system.
  • To comply with all applicable legislation.
  • To meet our production quality and throughput requirements.
  • To be considered as a benchmark within our industry.
In support of these, we set ourselves specific business targets that include:
  • Achieving an availability of > 99.6%
  • Zero loss of hydrocarbon containment.
  • Full compliance with System operating envelopes.
Our focus is on predictive, non-intrusive maintenance. This includes watch-keeping, function checking, inspections and condition based maintenance techniques. 

Understanding the Condition of our Facilities

The FPS pipeline system is managed in accordance with a Pipeline Integrity Management Scheme (PIMS).This documentation system meets the expectations both of BP's Corporate integrity management standard and BP's HSE system 'Getting HSE Right'. 

We define clear accountabilities and responsibilities for integrity management within FPS. Regular integrity management reviews take place with our operating and inspection authorities and we review our operation and integrity data annually with the Health and Safety Executive. 

The forecast operational lifetime of the FPS pipelines is reviewed by us regularly and we expect the system to be available to at least 2030. 

The pipeline integrity strategy of FPS is to inhibit internal corrosion and we have been successful in sustaining negligible corrosion rates. Our inspection data demonstrates the success of this strategy and we see no foreseeable reason to expect that the pipeline life of FPS will not extend beyond 2030. We have invested heavily in FPS and believe that our stewardship of our facilities continues to set a benchmark for the industry.