Ninian Pipeline System

The 36-inch diameter, 175 kilometre long Ninian Pipeline runs from CNR International's Ninian Central Platform to Sullom Voe Terminal. The pipeline carries crude oil from: Ninian, Magnus, South Magnus, Heather, Broom, Lyell, Columba and Strathspey Fields. 

The Ninian Pipeline System transports these fluids from the East Shetland Basin to Sullom Voe Terminal for processing and storage as Brent Blend and LPG, prior to tanker loading and onward transport to the final destination. 

BP operates the pipeline, on behalf of the Owner companies. The Pipeline was laid in 1975/76 and received its first oil in October 1978. 
In September 1990, a subsea isolation valve was installed in the pipeline, located 90 metres from the Ninian Central Platform. This provided additional security to the platform. 

Standard production pigs are run at regular intervals for wax and water removal. As part of the on-going integrity management plan, the line has been internally inspected on three occasions using a Magnetic Flux Leakage intelligence pig, in addition to the scheduled external inspection programme.