The Clair Field is the largest undeveloped hydrocarbon resource in the UKCS, with an estimated 7-8 bn boe HCIIP.  The field  is located some 75 km West of the Shetland Islands in some 150m water depth.  The proximity to shore and the marine environment ensure that adherence to high HSE standards are a given. Whilst the water depth is not onerous in its own right, the exposed North Atlantic metocean conditions (wind, waves, current) make operations in this environment challenging. 

The Clair Field is managed under a unitisation agreement and comprises four licences (P165, P168, P169 and P170) and six blocks (206/7a, 206/8, 206/9, 206/11a, 206/12 and 206/13) and is owned by the four co-venturers – BP (28.6015% and Op), Shell (27.9731%), Conocophillips (24.0029%) and Chevron (19.4225%). 

The physical size of Clair dictates development  via a phased approach - Phase 1 (on stream since Feb 2005), the Ridge Project and a future phase or phases to develop the remaining opportunity. A significant 6 well appraisal programme to assess and better understand the potential of the remainder of the field (Greater Clair) was undertaken in  2013 – 2015, with the results currently under evaluation.

The Clair Ridge facilities were installed in a number of campaigns during 2013-2016, with topsides currently being commissioned. Further infrastructure may result following the Greater Clair Appraisal Programme.  

Oil (ca. 22 - 25⁰  API) is exported from the Clair field via a dedicated & owned 22”  oil pipeline and gas via the 20” West of Shetland (WoSP) pipeline, both to SVT. Oil is sold directly from the terminal; Clair Phase 1 gas is sold to Britoil offshore and subsequently exported to Magnus for their gas EOR scheme via the EOSPS line; Ridge gas will be exported via the Total owned SIRGE infrastructure to St. Fergus via the FUKA system.