Infrastructure Specific Information

SVT does not operate a capacity booking system. Decisions leading to increase or decrease in capacity are anticipated on the basis of forecast throughput, may incur additional cost and (subject to that) are reversible. 

Public available Infrastructure Specific Information

(a) Entry specification (pipeline)

True vapour Pressure
max 5% vol

max 220 psia at 100degF
(b) Exit specification
See table below:
See table below:

Stabilized Crude Oil

Test Method
Reid Vapour Pressure, psi
target 10.0
IP 69 (mod)
BS & W vol%
max 0.5
IP386 (mod)
Acidity mgKOH/g
target 0.05 max
Density at 15°C
to be reported
SVTA 101
Salt Content 1bs/10000bbl
to be reported
IP265 (mod)
(c) Details of primary separation processing facilities
One operational stabilisation train of 410,000 bbls/day
(d) Details of Gas treatment facilities
Fractionation to produce fuel gas (which is burnt in the onsite power station)
(e) Oil export capacity
620,000 bbls/day (capacity for export of Brent Blend)
(f) Gas compression capacity
(g) Gas export capacity
(h) Gas lift capacity
(i) Produced water handling capacity
1200 m3/hr.
(j) Gas Dehydration capacity
(k) H2S removal capacity
(l) Water injection capacity
Last updated - March 2017