Licensing offer and retrofit options

Licensing offer

  • Commercially proven technology
  • Capital and variable cost advantage
  • A deeply detailed Technology License Package that embeds BP and Technip expertise in PTA technology
  • Access to unequaled owner, operator, and technology expertise
  • Capacity flexibility (<= 1250 ktepa single train and <=2500 kte partial dual train)
  • Pre-approved technology for third party financing
  • Joint PTA/PET offer to provide customized and integrated solutions based on specific site conditions, end product application and different utility cost situation

Retrofit options

Recently, BP successfully retrofit portions of the latest BP PTA technology at its plants in Cooper River, USA and in Geel, Belgium. Improvements to solid/liquid separation systems resulted in > $60m/year savings which arose from

  • Improved Reaction for reduced PX, Acetic Acid, and catalyst consumption
  • Improved Energy Recovery (reduced steam and power consumption)
  • Improved reliability
  • Improved Process Safety

Now BP is offering potential licensees various retrofit options including

  • Operation Optimization
  • Small capital projects (typically less than $10m)
  • Transformational retrofits (typical capex range of $10-100m)
  • Capacity expansions

Potential benefits include

  • Variable cost reduction
  • Improved reliability
  • Increased capacity