Our supply and trading business connects BP to the world’s traded markets for oil, gas, power, refinery and chemical feedstock and currencies.

How we apply our expertise to keep the world’s energy moving

Getting BP’s oil, gas and refined products to the people and businesses who need them, wherever they may be in the world, is a complex job.

Our supply and trading teams calculate how much oil and gas from BP’s various production platforms and distribution terminals should go to each of our refineries to be turned into useful products. As products leave the refinery, we ask three questions are asked. Who wants to buy them? Where do they need to go? And how will we get them there?

The global trade in energy resources and oil-based products is complex and sophisticated – prices change constantly; so does demand.

This means activity on our trading floors is always brisk. Traders monitor market information continuously and talk to brokers, refinery staff and the people based in our production operations. They have to be ready to make sound business decisions at a moment’s notice.