Working with Upstream and Downstream

Our supply and trading activities are the commercial face of BP, and the people and systems within it work closely with our Upstream and Downstream businesses. They enhance BP’s value through the application of distinctive supply, trading, risk management and information technology skills – underpinned by a world-class control infrastructure. 

We trade a varied range of products including crude oil, natural gas, liquefied natural gas, power and currencies. The supply and trading business completes some 550,000 transactions and serves more than 12,000 customers across some 140 countries in a year.

We create long-term value from our assets by managing the flow of these commodities. We bring our specialized knowledge of safe, reliable energy production and management of production assets, together with our experience of global markets, to create a single commercial face to the world’s traded markets.

In addition to trading physical commodities, we are active in the financial markets, and provide energy price risk management and hedging services for our customers. Because of our access to physical assets, BP’s global trading activity generates a huge amount of information that sets us apart from other companies. Every second, our servers crunch over 157 trillion independent calculations, equivalent to the processing power of 100,000 home PCs.