Full suite of natural gas services

In this dynamic market, the advantages of working with an experienced leader are invaluable.

As the leading natural gas marketer in North America, we have the expertise and assets to provide natural gas producers and consumers with logistical, optimization, financial and cross-commodity solutions, including power, natural gas liquids (NGL), and crude oil.

Corporate Strength

  • A- S&P rating of parent company, providing a low credit risk market.
  • Broad asset base with contracted pipeline and storage capacity and an existing fleet of barges and railcars to move natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGL), crude oil and refined products to-and-from liquid markets.
  • Long-term market analytics and fundamentals research.

Regional Expertise

  • Significant market presence in North America for over 20 years with deep expertise in natural gas infrastructure along with power, natural gas liquids (NGL), and crude oil.
  • Team of over 100 schedulers and traders with vast experience in interstate and intrastate pipelines.
  • Long-term relationships with all significant producers and markets, including producers in every major basins, retail aggregators, local distribution companies, major independent operators, power generation facilities, and retail distributors.
  • Focus on identifying supply and markets at illiquid points.

Asset Management Agreements

  • Provide scheduling and nomination services.
  • Manage transportation, fractionation and storage contracts.
  • Receive and review transportation invoices.
  • Monitor and manage pipeline imbalances.
  • Provide market and regulatory reporting.
  • Reduce strain on resources and increase company focus.
  • Gain access to market knowledge, experience, trading platforms, credit portfolios, risk management, cost containment, contracting experience, etc.

Dynamic Solutions

  • Price/risk management, including customized structured products.
  • Cross-commodity solutions, such as purchasing power and selling natural gas or purchasing both natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL) production.
  • Ability to commit to long-term purchases.
  • Flexibility to match purchasing contracts to drilling plans and production forecasts.
  • Ability to take out long-term transport on behalf of producers with net-back structure embedded in the purchase price.
  • Ability to assist with pipeline credit requirements.