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visco city

Welcome to our new series visco city. A car care show for regular folk like us who enjoy the simple pleasure of a comfortable, hassle-free drive. What we want is a dependable, functional ride without the unnecessary fuss. We are not petrol heads looking to break land speed records every time we get behind the wheel. Having said that, we realize the need to be familiar with aspects of car ownership. We aim to make this process informative and interesting. Without the mumbo-jumbo.

Decoding the label

BP conducts deep cleansing drive at Aster Clinic, Dubai to thank healthcare professionals.

bp Lubricants tied up with Aster Hospitals to provide a complimentary deep cleanse for all the vehicles on site, including doctor’s cars, staff transportation and ambulances. Our way of saying THANK YOU to our frontline healthcare professionals.

We're in it together.

Your mask is your seatbelt.
Drive safe. Drive responsibly.
A new day brings new challenges.

Taking care of our frontline mechanics in the UAE

To contain the risk of exposure to COVID-19, and with the health and safety of our partners in mind, over 1,000 mechanics across the United Arab Emirates were provided with a personal hygiene kit. These kits included a hand sanitizer and a pack of wet wipes. The kit was delivered through our team of BP merchandisers who also provided onsite training in independent workshops as well as retail outlets on how to maintain clean hands, a clean car and safe living.

BP’s deep cleansing drive across all branded workshops

As part of the ongoing “BP cares” campaign, and to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, BP lubricants launched a nationwide deep cleansing drive in all of its branded workshops in the UAE. The initiative is aimed at integrating strict hygiene measures and securing the well-being of mechanics who work tirelessly in these workshops.

Developing local talent

The BP Young Adventurers programme invites young people from the GCC states to a camp in Fujairah, UAE, for an educational weekend adventure


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