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Meet Paulo Jose, OIM Greater Plutonio FPSO

As Paulo was about to finish high school in 2000, bp launched its first Offshore Technician Development Programme, through which he joined the company in January 2001
Born in Luanda, Paulo Chingi José, is the Greater Plutonio FPSO Operations Installation Manager (OIM) 


After completing his first year at the Angola Institute of Petroleum, learning English and the basics of the oil and gas industry, in 2002 he headed to Durban, South Africa where he successfully completed a three-year production apprenticeship programme in 2004 at the SAPREF Refinery.

2005 was the beginning of an exciting Programme journey that took Paulo first, to the Miller Platform in the North Sea, and then to Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea during the Greater Plutonio FPSO construction, and travelling via the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans to block 18 for hook-up and commissioning in 2006, followed by first oil in October 2007.

In 2008 Paulo was promoted from Designate Production Technician to   Production technician, since then he has moved to designate production supervisor in 2009. After almost four years in the role, Paulo was offered the opportunity to stand in as Operations Team Leader in 2014.

‘’It was a very challenging role and after a year learning the role, I got the job as Operation Team Leader in April 2015. But I felt that I could move further and with hard work, the right coaching and the opportunity, due to the nationalization agenda, I got the Operations Installation Manager (OIM) job in 2017.’’ Paulo says.  

Greater Plutonio FPSO, Block 18

During the last 12 years on Greater Plutonio, Paulo has faced many challenges. The most difficult came during the early years, when in addition to his day-to-day job as a technician he came across people from different parts of the world with different cultures.

‘’As time moved on, I have learnt to deal with them, most of the time adopting positive behaviours. Today, I still face the same people and culture diversity challenges but on a different scale and with a better understanding on how to deal with them.’’ Paulo adds. 

Since first oil in October 2007, Greater Plutonio, like any facility after start-up, has presented operational challenges.

During his time, he has had to deal with operations related issues which he and colleagues have been able to address and resolve and as always, there is room for improvement.

‘’Today in my current role, I face not just the operations issues relating to production which in fact are part of my day-to-day activities, my range of duties have broadened from  management of people to lack of potatoes in the galley, but with the help of a great team I have been able to deal with the challenges. I feel proud to have been part of initial team from the construction phase in South Korea to hook up and commissioning and First Oil.’’   

Paulo pursued higher education in the years and acquired a Master degree in Operations and Supply Chain Management from Liverpool University. 

‘’The studies helped me gain confidence and improve the quality of my day-to-day work to the point where I moved from almost below expectations to exceptional performance and was given the opportunity to move to the Offshore Operations Team Leader role. Throughout those years I learned that excellence does not just happen, but it is a result of aspiration, hard work and discipline.’’ Paulo concludes Paulo is married to Raquel with whom he has three children: A daughter of 12, Nayara, and two boys, Natanael,7 and Nazael, 3. 

In his free time, Paulo enjoys reading, walking and watching TV – ‘’but my family is the focus when I’m on my time off’’, Paulo concludes. 

To date bp Angola has trained more than 200 Offshore Technicians throught its award winning Offshore Technician programme.