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BP Angola Lower Carbon

 The 2015 Paris Agreement set expectations around the world for the transition to a low carbon future.
BP understands the urgency and supports the aim of the agreement. And, we are dedicated to being part of the solution.

BP is taking action to address the Dual Challenge of meeting the growing energy needs while reducing our emissions.  This challenge is a significant part of the BP strategy as BP has made external commitments to reduce our emissions.  These commitments include reducing our emissions across the company, by 3.5 million tonnes of CO2 by 2025. 

We have also committed to no net growth in our operational emissions from our operations, and to keep our methane intensity under 0.3% with an objective of meeting 0.2%, out to 2025.   


BP Angola has been extremely successful in reducing its emissions and we reported large reduction over the last few years and in 2018 achieved record high Green-house gas emission reduction with 824 ktCO2e emissions avoided. 


 This was achieved this through a One Team effort and managed to reduced Greater Plutonio flare by changing the mode of operation.  We also focussed our effort in improving energy efficiency of our rotative equipment and looking for ways to reduce vessel inspection times by using new technologies.    

BP Angola has organised a series of annual workshop to identifying new ideas and thinking about how we can sustain our emission reduction program.  And we completed an energy study at PSVM that also produced some new ideas where we can improve efficiency and reduce emissions.  Now we are looking to progress how we think about emission reduction and what we can accomplish in the future.