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Regina Dumbo becomes bp Angola Paralympic Ambassador

On 30 July, BP Angola and Regina Dumbo signed a Paralympic sponsorship agreement for her to become bp Angola Paralympic Ambassador. 

With the agreement, Regina joins Jose Chamoleia, Esperanca Gicasso, Befilia Buyo and the honorary ambassador, the legendary World Paralympic Champion Jose Sayovo who have been representing the brand in the extended contract since 2016. 

After signing the deal on BP’s behalf, Helder Silva, bp Angola Head of Country said: ‘’Today is a great day for Regina and it is also certainly for us because Regina joins us as one of our Paralympic Ambassadors. ‘’We are thrilled and encouraged by Regina’s recent success and we believe and we are confident that she is one of the rising stars of Paralympic sports in Angola.  

‘’We wish Regina all the best in her future competitions and may she return with medals from her competitions. Helder said. 

Leonel Da Rocha Pinto, President of the Angolan Paralympic Committee thanked BP for the support provided to the Angolan Paralympic Committee and said:  ‘’We are honoured with the signing of this agreement which will support Regina in her preparations for next competitions and it also inspires and an encouragement for other athletes to do more so they can join these 5 athletes.

‘’We have been associated with BP Angola for 8 years now as one of our main sponsors and we want to continue this partnership which helps us achieving Gold medals’’ Leonel said. 

Having already won gold medals at previous competitions and most recently in Tunisia, Regina is a strong contender to win her category in the upcoming World Championship games in Dubai in November, the Para-African games of Morocco and the Paralympic games of Tokyo, both in 2020. 

bp Angola’s partnership with the Angolan Paralympic Committee started in 2011 with the preparation of the Paralympic athletes for participation in the London 2012 games and it was extended for Rio Games. In 2016 the sponsorship was extended to Tokyo 2020 games.  


About Regina
Regina was born in 2003 in Ecunha, Huambo province, central plateau of Angola. Totally blind and orphaned, she was discovered by members of the province association of Paralympic sport in Huambo.

In 2015, she started her sports career under the T11 category by running in National competition at province level.


Due to her high-performance levels, she joined Team Angola for the Southern Africa Region games held in Luanda of 2016 winning a silver medal in the 400 meters category. Other competitions include:

  • Portuguese Speaking Countries Games of Luanda, 2016 – Silver Medal in 400 meters
  • International Meeting of Morocos in 2018 – Gold Medals in 100, 200 and 400 meters
  • Portuguese Speaking Countries Games: São Tomé in 2018 – Gold Medals in 100, 200 and 400 meters 
  • Southern Africa Regional games, Botswana in 2018 – Gold Medals in 100 and 200 meters;
  • International Meeting of Tunis 2019 – Gold Medal 100 and 200 meters.

She currently lives in Luanda where she attends school.