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Social investment

We support social investment initiatives that strengthen the capabilities of Angola’s people and institutions

bp Angola characterizes its social intervention as “projects which aim to bring tangible benefits to the local communities”, which is in line with the priorities of the Angolan Government and business needs. Our actions focus mainly on initiatives which promote education, enterprise development and health.


We engage with stakeholders such as community and church leaders, the Angolan government, non-governmental organizations, academics and aim to form strategic partnerships that generate mutually beneficial outcomes.We and our partners contribute to projects that help to build local capability.

Education and enterprise development are critical for economic growth, social development, poverty reduction and social integration, while health, safety and environment are important elements in the sustainable development of the country. We therefore support a number of projects and initiatives in these areas, in partnership with government, local communities and institutions.
Areas of intervention

Education - Contribute to human capital development by:

  • Investing in capability and quality
  • Capacity building, professional work, and
  • Increasing access and improving the learning environment

Enterprise development - Improve the business environment and contribute to economic diversification through:

  • Promoting self-employment
  • Creating business opportunities, and
  • Broadening participation in formal economy

Health - Contribute towards the national health agenda by:

  • Supporting projects to reduce maternal and child mortality, and 
  • Supporting projects to strengthen field epidemiology and capacity at national level to respond to outbreaks and other incidents of public health importance.
People impact
  • More than 2500 engineering, science & medical students benefit from new labs, field experience improved teaching standards every year  
  • More than 200 Oil and Gas Masters Graduates
  • More than 50 PG graduates in Environment Management
  • 596 Internships for graduates 18 schools, 13,000 children, 700 jobs
  • Rehabilitation & equipping of 3 health centres, 3200 beneficiaries per day Environment and livelihood
  • More than 35 rural water wells & community sanitation training
  • 9 cooperatives, 4250 beneficiaries
  • 23,400 turtles recorded and more than 2 million hatchlings helped back to sea
Some of the results achieved since 2008:

What we support

BP supports proposals which meet the following criteria:

  • Strengthening technical / professional capabilities
  •  The development of Angolan institutions
  • Developing capability at the community level
  • Projects aligned with priorities and strategies of local communities and Government
  •  Projects that can demonstrate sustainable impact
  • Ownership of initiatives held locally by the beneficiaries

What we do not support

  • Pay post implementation operational costs (e.g., salaries, maintenance)
  • Make political contributions 
  • Individual personal requests
  • Sponsor Arts, Sports or Cultural projects

    To contact us, please email: bpangola@bp.com