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Current projects and achievements

We and our partners contribute to projects that help to build local capability. Education and enterprise development are critical for economic growth, social development, poverty reduction and social integration, while health, safety and environment are important elements in the sustainable development of the country. 

Current projects include:

  • Drilling simulator and training for professors at UAN engineering faculty
  • Set up nursing simulation laboratory at medical institute
  • Support marine turtle conservation project at UAN science faculty
  • Support Chevening master’s Scholarship in partnership with UK embassy 
  • Fund professional and community internship for university students
  • Support training process of future primary school teacher
  • Construction of 2 primary to secondary schools and vocational training centre 
  • Equipment of IT, science and chemical laboratories in secondary school
  • Agribusiness ‘Microcredit project’ strengthen established cooperative and support sent up of new ones
  • Refurbishment of in Petro athletic of Huambo commercial infrastructure 
  • Support national programme to improve maternal child health services in strategic hospitals in partnership with Ministry of Health and World Vision 
  • Support national epidemiologic surveillance agenda in partnership with Ministry of Health and Public Health England 
    Refurbishment of health centre ‘Anjo da Guarda’