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Public announcement

BP Angola is seeking suitably qualified companies to deliver the following services:
Drilling equipment and services referred below:
  1. Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) and Related Accessories, reference RFI–2019-OCTG, Companies able to Provide:
  •     Casing sizes: Welded (16” - 36” OD); Seamless (7” – 14” OD)
  •     Tubing sizes: Seamless (3-1/2” – 7” OD) 
  •     Material properties:  Carbon steel, Duoline, Cromio 

  1. Wellbore clean-out Services, reference RFI-2019- WBCO3. 
  2. Waste Management Services, reference RFI-2019- WASTE MANAGEMENT
  3. Drill Pipe Services reference RFI- 2019- DRILL PIPE5
  4. Drill Bits Services reference RFI- 2019- DRILL BITS6. 
  5. Fishing, Milling, WhipStock and PBL reference RFI- 2019- FMW & PBL

Please note that the Suitable companies will require extensive, recent and verifiable experience in providing the above equipment and services in order to be considered.

Interested companies are requested to send an email to the following address  angolapscmitt@bp.com by Sunday, 7th July 2019. Please use the references   above provided for the specific products and services you may wish to provide.  In addition, please provide an appropriate contact name, telephone number and email address to receive further instructions.