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Public announcement

BP Angola, an energy company operating in Angola in the field of oil and gas exploration and production is seeking suitably qualified and certified companies with relevant experience in oil and gas industry able to deliver the  service referred below:

Light Well Intervention Vessel and the Integrated Services for a Well-Work Campaign in offshore Angola. The LWIV shall comply with the following requirements:

a) 100 + People on Board

b) Vessel

c) 2 x Work Class ROVs

d) Riserless Subsea Package (i.e. pressure control equipment)

e) Wireline Servicesf) Pumping Services


Interested companies are requested to send an email to the following address  angolapscmitt@bp.com referring to RFI-2019- LWIV by Monday, 20 June 2019 providing an appropriate contact name, telephone number and email address to receive further instructions.