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Women in operations inspire students to follow STEM career

A group of Women in GOO Angola inspired, and in turn were inspired, by more than 100 students when they visited the Industrial Institute of Luanda (IMIL) to encourage them to pursue STEM careers.
Gathered at the school’s auditorium, the 3 hour-long-visit enabled the group to interact with the Industrial school students and help them increase their interest and knowledge of technical subjects. The presentation also included providing guidance to students on how to create their first CV, write a job cover letter and jobs search in career sites.

Dulce Henriques, Regulatory Compliance and Environment Manager, a Chartered Engineer herself who joined BP as a graduate Engineer in 2004, joined the group of 9 BP Angola women and started by sharing her own story from her student days to her current role.
‘’A lot has changed since the time I joined BP, Dulce started, but one thing must remain the same – your desire, tenacity and attitude towards achieving your dreams with an open mind must always be there as that’s what will help you during your career. ‘’

After the brief introduction led by Ruth Domingos, from the Process Safety Engineering team, a short video of Greater Plutonio FPSO was shared, which gave students a preview of operations offshore. All members of Women in GOO Angola shared their own story on how they started in junior positions but went on to progressing to more senior positions as result of their desire to succeed, learn, and apply their experiences to each new assignment. 

Inspired by the presentations, the students queued for questions. A common theme was around the future of the sector.  Many of their questions reflected concern over whether their generation will still play a role in the industry, given the production decline in Angola. Women in GOO Angola encouraged all the students to be a part of the solution by continuing their studies so they can join the industry that is so important to Angola’s future.

After the session, Chelsea Da Silva, a Chemistry student in her last year in the school said that she was very proud to see a group of women come talk to them as most workshops from institutions are run by men.

‘’I could see from the presentation that BP gives opportunities to young people and women in general” - Chelsea remarked.
‘’As a student of petrochemistry, a subject widely used in BP, I feel inspired to study more and pursue my dream of becoming a Petrochemical Engineer, and to join BP one day, who knows? I followed a STEM subject because I love challenges of doing things outside my comfort zone and we women are always in short supply in these subjects’’, Chelsea concluded.

‘’We could learn from these amazing and diverse groups of students. The challenges they face are high, some drop out of school in their first or second year due to lack of resources. I’m inspired by their commitment to their studies in the face of adversity.’’, Ruth said.

IMIL, which currently has ~6,000 students, has a reputation for training great professionals who have gone on to become offshore technicians and engineers in the oil and gas industry in Angola, including some current BP Angola employees.

Women in GOO Angola was represented by Claudia Cazequeza, Dulce Henriques, Massoxi De Novais, Rafaela Vale, Ruth Domingos, Sonia Chiwisa, Sonia Cardoso and Sofia Costa.