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Operated by others

Non operated

BP have non-operated interests in blocks 15, 17 and 20 as well as in the Angola LNG plant in Soyo.

Block 15

Block 15, which started production in 2003, is currently producing approximately 235,000 barrels of oil per day (bpd). The fields in this block are maturing, and projects are seeking to extend production from marginal fields.

Operator: Exxon

Partners: Exxon (36%), BP Angola (24%), Equinor (12%), ENI (18%) and Sonangol (10%)

Installed capacities:

  • Kizomba A FPSO (250mbd);
  • Kizomba B FPSO (250mbd)
  • Mondo FPSO (100mbd)
  • Saxi-Batuque FPSO (100mbd)
  • Overall daily production (2018) 235 mbd gross
  • First Oil: Kizomba A (2004), Kizomba B (2007), Mondo (2008), Saxi Batuque (2008)


Block 17

Block 17 began production in 2001 and is currently producing approximately 537 thousand barrels of oil per day. The latest development project in the block, Cravo, Lirio, Orquidea and Violeta (CLOV) successfully started production ahead of schedule in June 2014. 

Partners: Total (40%), BP (16,67%), Equinor (23,33%), Esso (20%)

  • Area: 5,000 sq. kms
  • Water depth: 1,200m – 1,700m

Installed capacities: 

  • Girassol FPSO 200mbd
  • Dalia FPSO 240mbd
  • Pazflor FPSO 220mbd
  • CLOV FPSO 160mbd
  • Overall daily production (2018) 537 mbd gross

First Oil:
Girassol: December 2001, Dalia: December 2006, Pazflor: August 2011, CLOV: June 2014

Angola LNG

The Angola LNG project (ALNG) is an incorporated joint venture involving Sonangol’s subsidiary, Sonagas (22.8%), and affiliates of Chevron (36.4%), Total (13.6%), ENI (13.6%) and BP (13.6%). The onshore Angola LNG plant is located near Soyo in Zaire province in the north of Angola. The installed plant capacity is 5 million tonnes per annum

At $10 billion the Angola LNG project, was built to create value from offshore gas resources, is one of the largest ever single investments in the Angolan oil and gas industry.

New Gas Consortium (NGC)

  • Operator: ENI (25.6%)
  • Partners: Chevron (31%), Sonangol P&P (19.8%) Total (11.8%), bp (11.8%).

The NGC being established as an upstream natural gas partnership in Angola to develop offshore gas fields to supply Angola LNG in which bp is also a partner. The gas will come from Blocks 2, 3 and 15/14 areas, and Phase 1 will focus on the Quiluma & Maboqueiro shallow waters fields.  .


Block 29

  • Operator: TotalEnergies (42.8%)
  • Partners: Equinor (22.8%), bp (8.8%) Petronas (5.6%)  
  • Area: 5,700km2
  • Water depth: 1,500m – 2000m