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Our offices

Torres Atlantico

bp headquarters in Angola are based in Torres Atlantico complex. Consisting of two tower blocks, one 19 stories high and the other 11 stories, the bp Angola headquarters is close to the city’s famous shoreline. It has its own off-street parking area - a five floor basement for 227 vehicles. The building is shared with two other operators. 

bp occupies floors 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the 19 floors in the office tower and it has more than 2 000 square metres in extent, making a total of more than 40 000 square metres of office space. In addition the office tower contains a 350-seat café and kitchen capable of serving 200 meals in an hour. A separate private staff  area is capable of serving 80 people.


ICBT – BP’s International Centre for Business & Technology, Sunbury

The ICBT is a flagship site for bp. It is home to over 55 global business and functional teams and in addition it is also home to the eastern hemisphere Upstream Learning Centre. bp Angola office in ICBT is located in Building A, 2nd Floor. There are 83 bp Employees in ICBT who support bp Angola operations from the UK. 


Logistics and Supply Base office

Logistics and infrastructure team bp’s supply base, which officially opened in August 2007, is located on reclaimed land in the Sonils Logistics Integrated Services base near the port of Luanda and comprises of offices, warehouses and yards. 
It is home to the logistics and infrastructure team and to representatives from other functions such as procurement and supply chain management.

The team manages the transportation of personnel and equipment to and from both FPSOs (Greater Plutonio and PSVM), and to subsea operations vessels.