BP’s exploration focus today centres on the North Carnarvon basin, offshore Western Australia. This prolific gas basin is home to some of the world’s major LNG developments, including the North West Shelf (NWS) joint venture (JV) in which BP has participated since its inception in 1970s.

The first priority of our exploration team in Perth is to work closely with the NWS JV operator (Woodside) and the partners to identify and drill for additional gas resources to supply the LNG processing facilities. Our second priority is to explore for large scale gas resources outside the NWS JV permits but within tie-back distance.

When the existing NWS JV fields come off plateau, there will be capacity in the processing facilities for such resources. For this reason, BP has accessed two exploration permits 50km to the north of the NWSVJ acreage; these are WA-525-P (BP 100 per cent and operator), and WA-409-P (BP 80 per cent and operator). 
BP took the decision in late 2016 not to progress with its plans to drill in the Great Australian Bight, offshore South Australia. Subsequently, two of the four permits in which BP held title interest have been transferred to another operator, and two have been cancelled.