North West Shelf (NWS) Project

The Woodside-operated NWS project, in which BP is one of six equal participants, constitutes one of Australia’s largest oil and gas developments and represents an investment of more than $34 billion.  It is also one of the world’s largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) producers,  supplying international markets and providing domestic gas to Western Australia.

Since 1989, the NWS project has delivered more than 4,000 LNG cargoes.  It has contributed to Australia’s economic prosperity through investments in employment, the supply chain and community.  Through production, the project contributes more than $5 billion in taxation and royalties annually and more than $900 million annually through payroll, operating costs and capital expenditure.

Participants in the NWS project have continued to invest in developing infrastructure, including approximately $6.8 billion between the Oil Redevelopment Project in 2011 and the North Rankin Redevelopment Project in 2013.  Further recent developments with a total investment of $6.2 billion include the Great Western Flank Phase 1 Project, the Persephone Project and the Greater Western Flank Phase 2 Project.