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Renault F1® Team

We are proud partners of Renault F1® Team. Formula 1® represents the ultimate in automotive engineering
Daniel Riciardo

A single engine generates phenomenal amounts of torque and a huge amount of heat in a very small 1.6 litre engine block, running at up to 15,000 rpm, putting an extraordinary and sustained toll on both the driver and the car.


With the changes in engines since 2014, the role of fuels and lubricants have become even more important and is now a critical part of the overall performance of the powertrain for all Formula 1® teams.


The new aero rules for 2019 increase this sensitivity even further. Formula 1® was, until recently, running V8 engines which could be refuelled during the race so focus was on power output and not efficiency. 2014 saw significant changes with the introduction of hybrid power units that were much more efficient, but with the same power of the old engines.


The vision that Renault has to be the best team in Formula 1® is something we, at BP and Castrol, are proud to be a part of. Joining the team at this point means we can work together on innovative solutions and be part of the team creating new success stories.