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Facilities access for heavy vehicle drivers

Last updated:
24 April 2020
Up-to-date site information, including available facilities such as showers and lounge access, is available via our store locator below. You should check the list of facilities to confirm whether they are currently available at the site you are intending to visit

We know now more than ever, our truck stop network and facilities are incredibly important to the Australian transport sector and we are working closely with the industry and others to ensure our network can remain open. The BP team will continue to focus on keeping facilities open wherever practically possible. Strictly adhering to hygiene practices and social distancing requirements will continue to be key, as this is our most powerful weapon in slowing the spread of the virus.


Opening hours

While all our truck stops are currently open, there may be changes to these hours. We will update the store locator with new operating hours as soon as the information becomes available to us.



Shower facilities

Shower facilities are currently unavailable at Laverton, Somerton Outbound and Rockbank Inbound. All other sites that have shower facilities remain open and additional hygiene practices have been put in place.


Opening hours of showers have changed at two sites. Raglan’s shower facilities are open between 6am and 11pm. Showers at Glenrowan North are only available between 5am and 10pm. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to those who want to shower outside of these times.


Unfortunately access to shower facilities may sometimes be delayed due to the additional cleaning requirements now in place. These additional hygiene practices are important and necessary for facilities to remain open. While we aim for an efficient cleaning process, we ask for your patience and understanding if there are delays in accessing showers.


Lounges and dine-in food

All sites with truck driver lounges and dine-in food options are currently open. As per government requirements, BP employees and customers need to practice social distancing as well as hygiene requirements. Some sites have reduced food service hours, so please check the hours using the site locator to confirm.