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Convenience stores

BP Connect, BP Store and BP Shop – three ways to buy what you need
BP Connect, BP Store & BP Shop

BP Connect

BP Connect is like a small supermarket. It sells convenience goods including, fresh milk and bread, magazines, newspapers, drinks, confectionery, chips and ice creams. All BP Connect stores also have ATMs.


All BP Connect stores have a Wild Bean Cafe. The coffee is made by trained baristas using Italian coffee machines and 100 per cent UTZ Certified coffee beans. There’s also a great selection of food including hot toasted wraps and a range of pastries baked fresh on site.


BP Store

BP Store focuses on your daily shopping needs, as well as selling soft drinks, confectionery, newspapers, and fresh food and coffee to go.


BP Shop

On a smaller scale is BP Shop. These stores are a compact convenience store offering goods such as soft drinks, newspapers, confectionery, chips and ice creams.

We stock the most popular varieties of bread, biscuits, spreads, breakfast cereals, baking products, pasta and sauces. Also available are pet food, cleaning products, tissues, toilet paper, nappies and baby food.
Drinks & milk
Soft drinks such as Coke and Pepsi as well as water, juices, energy and sports drinks are available at our stores. You can always pick up your fresh milk at BP as well as a full range of flavoured milk.
Confectionery & snacks
Feel like a chocolate bar, ice-cream, chips or nuts? We also have mints, chewing gum and more.
We stock cigarettes, roll-your-own tobacco, cigars and tobacco accessories.
The latest and greatest starter kits, and recharge and top-up options for your pre-paid mobile phone are available for purchase at our stores.
CDs & DVDs
Keep yourself and your passengers entertained on your journey by buying a CD or DVD from our exciting range.
Magazines & newspapers
Stay up to date with the news and gossip by purchasing a daily newspaper or popular magazines from our stores. We also stock greeting cards and stationery.
Car care
If you need oil, we stock a full range of lubricants to meet your needs. We also stock a small range of automotive products.
General merchandise
Film, batteries, toys, sunglasses, barbecue products, bagged ice and more are available at our stores.